The Nawras Medical Group is one of the leading medical companies with an extensive experience in the provision of medical services of all kinds

Al Nawras Medical Group consists of three main branches: Al Nawras For Medical Equipment Company, Orthonawras for Prosthetic and Orthotic Technology and Al Nawras Specialized Clinic for rehabilitation and physical medicine and diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Al Nawras Medical

It was founded in 1990 and works in the field of industry, trade and importing of medical devices, we represent many international companies. Our company is the leading one in manufacturing medical furniture in Syria, and we have over the past years equipping many hospitals and health centers, public and private physical therapy clinics and ambulance cars with equipment with reliability and high qualities.


Alnawras Rehabilitation Clinic

Considered to be the first quality clinic in Syria that offers distinctive therapeutic service for patients with musculoskeletal system and the neuro and muscular and joints, besides providing therapeutic food programs (The treatment of obesity and thinness and degreasing without surgery(. In addition to speak, language and speech rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of people with special needs. With the existence of medical experts who work according to international standards of treatment through the latest findings of science and clinical studies and the latest assistive devices in functional therapy.


Orthonawras for prosthetic and orthotic technology

Engaged in importing and trading of prosthetic materials and manufacturing of prosthetic and orthotic devices from the best materials and components of the leading international companies in this field within the company's specialized laboratories and at the hands of specialists distinguished experienced, in addition to physical therapy and motional training functional treatment according to the latest scientific protocols.


“We provide
excellent lifetime care
for all our clients to ensure
they have a better life.

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